When looking at design and creativity, we all have a different bent about what things appeal to us. To some of us it is a high degree of symmetry, and to others an eclectic treatment that pushes boundaries and comfort zones. This is true for many creative outlets, and today I’ll be touching on my interest in photography. #personalnote

Over the years I have had a strong interest in photography. It started back in high school and the classic art courses we all had, but continued to take root as I explored taking amateur photos. I’m going to have to disclose there was some influence by my mom too though. My mother is a creative woman. She’s always done something – she writes, draws, paints, snaps pictures and likes to get out and enjoy an adventure, and learn. I must say I think I inherited most of my artistic side from her side of the family. Although I remember times when she would make us pose for some her candid pictures, she knew what she wanted and made it work. I still laugh on the inside looking at some of those photos. This lady is a well rounded individual, highly admired and full of grace. That last part I feel passed over me…. Growing into this enthusiasm for photography and the arts, I entered art school at UVIC and graduated with new friends and perspectives. I can truly say that was one of the funner times of life, learning and creativity. Don’t get me wrong, my family is still pretty much ‘King’ these days. We have enough fun times to make up for art losses, and I have to say that I’m definitely using my creativity in a several distinct outlets right now. I feel that as life continues, the hours of pursuing time for the ‘arts’ seems to drift further and further apart, but I do have people in my life that remind me to get back and take care of myself with a ‘mental-health day’. I love these people, and my mental health days.

A lot of the B&W interest came by way of Ansel Adams’ black and white nature photos. He had a way of creating a richness of image, deep blacks and bleached openness of the white. I still love making lots of the colour-turned-B&W photos, but also find an importance in an edgy style, an intensity of colour, and partial pictures highly engaging.

Some people like to see everything all at once, the whole view that is unobstructed. And I can understand that, right?!? – the beautiful 180, or 360 degree view. To be honest though, as much as I like that as well, there is a beauty to be found in those unexpected places beyond what you see. Those areas that were once hidden and now exposed… or emerging. I’m a fan of looking and searching – whether a photo, painting or sculpture – a but find an strong appeal to not being able to see it all right away. The intrigue. The elusive. The why and the wonder. That’s one of the things that makes me tick.

Until next week – keep dreaming of your creation, your art time, your family or your space…