On a #personalnote – “Photography”

When looking at design and creativity, we all have a different bent about what things appeal to us. To some of us it is a high degree of symmetry, and to others an eclectic treatment that pushes boundaries and comfort zones. This is true for many creative outlets, and today I’ll be touching on my interest in photography. #personalnote Over the years I have had a strong interest in photography. It started back in high school and the classic art courses we all had, but continued to take root as I explored taking amateur photos. I’m going to have to disclose there was some influence by my mom too though. My mother is a creative woman. She’s always done something - she writes, draws, paints, snaps pictures and likes to get out and enjoy an adventure, and learn. I must say I think I inherited most of my artistic [...]

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When looking at design, one piece of advice given to me was to add natural light - It’s natural that bright rooms make us feel happier, more alive and vibrant.  #truth In my design life, over the years I can say I gleaned a lot of design advice and nuggets we can include in the designs we produce. Today’s article is about natural light with windows. Most of us can agree that natural light (and SUN) helps to increase our feelings of happiness and of better moods for our family life. It bathes your room in a rich full spectrum hue that light bulbs can only hope to duplicate; it increases your body's "feel-good" serotonin levels;  Well, let’s bring some more of that into the house! How do we do that? Here are 5 ways to increase natural light into your home through glazing. But before that, let’s do a quick home assessment: Assessing what is happening in [...]

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